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Toros du Vaccares


The Camargue is my refuge. This asylum which, having seen me being born, made me the gardian that I am. This memory of a world, I want to defend it with my life. A commitment that goes far beyond the idea of tradition alone: because to defend the Camargue is also, in a contemporary society ruled by urgency and doubt, to ask the question of global biodiversity and a positive and reasoned ecology for all. 

For that reason, I wish my ‘’Toros du Vaccares’’ to be a sanctuary. An itinerant sanctuary that, as a kind of compromise between our hopes and our illusions, would celebrate our most precious asset: our ability to be and think our life, our loves and our death.

These bull heads – our bulls! – are the reaper looking us straight in the eye, the ideal of a life that escapes us in the rising waters. These heads are the love of all the mornings in the world, the sound of our laughter in our mother’s arms.

In the reflections of their liberated souls, I am reborn – I, the condemned Man. 


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